Furniture Care Tips

Here are our top tips on how you can take care for your furniture

1. Keep it out of the sun
Exposure to sun can cause the furniture's fabric or surface to fade quicker than usual. 

2. Clean up spills immidately!
Don't let spills settle, listen to what your mother tells you and always use a coaster to protect all surfaces.

3. Use mild all-surface cleaners.
Cleaning products that have high-alcohol content may damage surfaces. So best to use mild surface cleaners.

4. Dust your furniture frequently with a clean, dry cloth.
Bring out your old t-shirts and make use of them as you wipe your furniture down.

5. Be careful not to place any items that might scratch or damage the surface.
If you want to keep your tables and chairs squeaky clean, avoid placing and dragging objects that might damage the surface. We also recommend using blue-tac or furniture pads on your accessories to be extra safe!